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Cool ispconfig3/mydns as slave - ispconfig2/bind master

sorry that i'm starting here with my question, but everybody talks only about transfers for bind as slave and mydns as master.

herre my situation:
both configs based on Centos 5.2,5.3 32bit
as in the title my configs was
1th dns master ispconfig2/bind
2th dns slave ispconfig2/bind
and now the last one:
config based on Centos 5.4 64bit
1th dns master ispconfig3/mydns

i cannot find any manual how its discribed how i can setup a secondary zone on the mydns via the gui. sorry with ispconfig 2 it was allready simple.

pleasy give me help, i think iths the soft way to make a slow migration to a modern tool like ispconfig 3

kindest regards Jerry
Jerry Jones
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