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Lightbulb ISPConfig 3 - back-res a Backup and Restore script


ISPConfig 3 is a great piece of software. I want to contribute with a little script, maybe somebody will make a module and insert it in ISPConfig 3 if it's usefull.

I use ISPConfig 3 in production on a small little used server and I have created a backup and restore script.
I've tryied to make myself understood in the script. The script can be used to backup a full or partial linux system with a full mysql dump.
My script is using only one full backup a month, the rest are incremental backups. This uses less space and less ressources. There are some drawbacks, but I haven't find anything like this on the net, so I created this little script and I hope I will have more time to make it better later.
For now this script is in a "It works for me" state, but I think it can be used safely if the user takes his time and reads all the info in the script header.

The link:

Thank you for good free software!
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