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Originally Posted by M.Behrens
Thanks Till!

Can I follow the HowTo when I have SUSE with apt-get?
Forget about the apt-get parts in that tutorial and concentrate on the Apache configuration in that tutorial.

Originally Posted by M.Behrens
But if I understand that correctly, all Skripte those must be supposed to then run under PHP4 the ending .php4 possess.
That lasts with OSCommerce a large expenditure to change. Or is there a simple way?
You could run PHP5 as CGI instead and use .php5 for PHP5 scripts (e.g. with

AddHandler php-script .php5
Action php-script /cgi-bin/php5
); scripts with the extension .php would then be run by PHP4.

Originally Posted by M.Behrens
If I would change the complete php from 5 to 4, then still does everything run with ISPConfig, or does give it then to difficulties?
No, it doesn't cause problems with ISPConfig.
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