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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
No the external IP is meant or let's say the IP the browser will connect to.
So different ssl hosts are only possible if you can provide a different ip and port combination per cert, e.g. Port 443 -> CERT1 / Host 1 Port "444" -> CERT 2 / Host 2 Port 443 -> CERT 3 / Host 3.

So in case you have your Ispconfig behind a router you need to have as many official IPs as you need + forwarding / NATing them to the appropriate internal address.
So let me get this straight, I have only one external IP address, but that's all I need?
I am behind a NAT firewall and I can port forward.
So I set up the website in question with it's own internal IP say and I set the port in ISPConfig for that site to say 445, though I can't see where I would do that.
Then set a port forward on my router to send and requests for the domain in question to that port and ISPConfig will do the rest, have I got that right?
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