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Everybody much thxs for the fast replies. Reading those i've concluded that the best way to go is to make a new site on B en then copying a site from A to B (databases / users / www etc) following the instructions of Falko. Unfortunatly a lot of work in my case. So in my opinion it still would be a very nice feature to be able to import / export complete sites ;-) Another nice feature / partly repacing above one, is to be able to set
webnumer while creating new site. Pe. I want to be under www/web5. Normally ispconfig take the first "free" number and filling a kind of links in the maindb with this one. Changing this afterwards of filesystemlevel won't be a ood idea because making changes to other config will cause isp to reread maindatabase and changing vhosts_ispconfig accordangly , thus messing everything up.
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