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Exclamation ISPConfig3 MyDNS-ng master axfr zone transfer to bind9 slave


It's 3rd day when I'm fighting with zone transfers from MyDNS to bind server. I read hundreds of pages from this forum and from google but it still doesn't work.

Firstly, I set IPs in "allow zone transfers" in DNS tab in ISPConfig,
secondly, I recompile fixed mydns-ng (,
next I edit config MyDNS config file (mydns.conf):

log = LOG_DAEMON        # Facility to use for program output (LOG_*/stdout/stder
pidfile = /var/run/    # Path to PID file
timeout = 120   # Number of seconds after which queries time out
multicpu = 1    # Number of CPUs installed on your system
recursive =                      # Location of recursive resolver
allow-axfr = yes # Should AXFR be enabled?
allow-tcp = no  # Should TCP be enabled? I'm not sure
allow-update = yes       # Should DNS UPDATE be enabled?
ignore-minimum = no     # Ignore minimum TTL for zone?
soa-table = dns_soa     # Name of table containing SOA records
rr-table = dns_rr       # Name of table containing RR data
soa-where = server_id = 1               # Extra WHERE clause for SOA queries
rr-where =  server_id = 1               # Extra WHERE clause for RR queries
use-soa-active = yes # To fix bug 295 where active or inactive status is ignored
use-rr-active = yes# To fix bug 295 where active or inactive status is ignored.
notify-enabled = yes
and also bind config :
options {
        directory "/var/cache/bind";

        allow-transfer {;};
        dnssec-enable yes; // I'm not sure
        auth-nxdomain no;    # conform to RFC1035
        listen-on-v6 { any; };
        request-ixfr no;
zone "" IN {
type slave;
file "/var/cache/bind/";
masters {; };
allow-notify {; };
With this config it's trying to work, but not at all:

When zone file in /var/cache/bind is deleted, I restart bind and full zone is transfered by axfr to slave server. But then it's freezing. When I change anything on primary server (=generate new serial in SOA) nothing happens. Slave should be notified, but it doesn't. I want also say that in nslookup and dig axfr everything is all right.

Could You help me with this problem?

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