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Default ISPConfig2 installation stalls at MySQL configuration on Lenny

Hi all,

I run a VPS server over at Hosteurope's with a Debian barebone pre-installed and no Plesk. When I first got it, I upgraded from Etch to Lenny, then installed ISPConfig 2 and everything went fine.

Recently I changed my hosting scale for a much better offer at the same rate. It is now Debian 5 x64bit with Apache and apparently also MySQL preinstalled. I decided to stick with ISPConfig 2 because it seems to have more add-ons and a better documentation.

I configured the Server like instructed here:
Everything went well and as inspected, with one exception: I was not asked for a root password (nor anything else) when installing the mysql-client/server. So I decided to specify a password manually. I then edited the my.cnf, restarted mysqld and checked via netstat whether it was active. It was, but it listened on an unspecific port (25949). - Since then it has been listening on different ports whenever I restarted the daemon.

I went on with configuring, then installed ISPConfig2. All went well until the end when the last configuration data about databases and domain have to be inserted.

Here is what happened (quotes are in German, because that was the installation language I had chosen):
Wie heisst der MySQL-Server?localhost
Der angegebene MySQL-Server kann nicht erreicht werden!
The routine kept asking me the same question over and over again although the server was running; I tried all combinations of host- and domain names, plus the IP. Nothing worked and I had to abort the installation.

Does this have anything to do with the fact that I'm running a 64bit OS?
And what could I do?

I tried uninstalling / reinstalling MySQL, but I failed because there were far more packages than only "mysql-server", "mysql-client" and "libmysql15-dev"; when purging those, the server would still be running.

Thanks a lot for your time.
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