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ISPConfig writes out the site you created to a Vhosts file.

This is the problem I have a lot of sites in that file that I want to keep usings, This site's info lives in there. I would like to keep the site in ISPConfig because it has users but some how remove it from the Vhosts file so I can route it differently.

Unfortunately I need to route it to the same box. Which is my issue routing it through a different server NP.

I am unsure how to remove it from the list that ISPConfig writes so I can tell apache to do something different with it.

I tried putting:

DocumentRoot /var/www/myapp

In the directive box but that did not work.

I tried having my own vhost with the same exact domain appended AFTER ISPConfigs Vhosts.conf in apache2.conf.
Neither have worked.

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