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Default 2 thoughts on this

1.) First thing is: I have had run webs in such pseudo subdomains (by [R]-deletion-hack) without errors. But I had always to inject an apache directive into this kind of co-subby-domain-thingy like "RewriteBase /" (written into .htaccess). A CMS like e. g. Drupal runs this way without problems.

2.) The summary for me is that this is a bad replacement for real Apache subdomains, which can have always an own DOCUMENT_ROOT, own statistics etc. - However, good news: there is a way to hand real Apache subdomains to customers! How? Let them be resellers!. You can this way control:
  1. how many "webs" (= subdomains) customers may have, e. g. "3"
  2. how many domains customers may have, e. g. "1"
  3. how many diskspace of the "reseller" space a web/subdomain may have, e. g. 500MB of "resellers" 2GB total;
  4. if or if not an customer is allowed to inject own apache directives (surely not recommended)
  5. that the customer may not edit DNS resords.
Thats a lot! An almost perfect solution. Except maybe: some irritations based on hardcoded naming conventions, like the term "Reseller" or "Customers" inside the navigation.

Anyway, whatever works ...
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