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Default ISPconfig is not processing apache logs: the web Traffic overview and stats are gone

Hi everyone!
I have a very big problem.. My ISPconfig is not processing the Apache Logs.
Therefore the system does not have any web statistics and the Traffic overview is wrong since it is only processing ftp and email traffic.

Here I have an example. Note that the web traffic is not processed, but I have the same amount of visits in Google Analytics each month:

Month, Web, FTP, Mail, Overall
11/2009:, 0.00, 9.65, 29.74, 39.38
10/2009:, 0.00, 26.41, 33.20, 59.61
09/2009:, 9756.34, 21.90, 40.51, 9818.74
08/2009:, 428163.42, 1999.26, 69.78, 430232.46

I checked the apache httpd.conf and everything is ok... And I checked the web.log file that the apache generates and it is OK too.

Since the ISPconfig is not processing the web.log file, it does not delete old logs after the rotation, so old logs are accumulating and using all the disc space..

Does anyone had the same problem? Any Idea of what should I do?? I'm lost and it is a very serious problem for me! Thank you!!

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