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Question Any ideas on this one? Still no go.

I still can't get this to work ...

(This and the TLS multi SSL certificates via named-based hosting are my only 2 remaining "show stoppers")

1) Drupal5 multisite+ISPConfig -> working perfectly based on HowToForge howto
All sites using the same IP

2) www.domain.tld -> responding fine, no problems

3) I want to have pictures.domain.tld -> a completely separate Drupal site from www.domain.tld

4) I have /var/www/pictures.domain.tld properly setup and the Drupal part prepared to setup the 1st account, etc.
(I already have numerous www domains working this way)

5) When I type in "pictures.domain.tld" it takes me to www.domain.tld

6) I think it is falling down here:
Since that usually just has "domain.tld" directories -- without the hostname
But I already have one for the "www.domain.tld" site

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I am using DNS external to ISPConfig ... and I have numerous sites working this way without any issues; this is the first I have tried two with the same TLD

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