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Originally Posted by till View Post
Additionally to damirs questions, which php type did you enable for this website and do you have a php binary cache like eaccelerator or xcache installed to speed up php.
I thought I was running Zend Optimizer for an accelerator, but it's not listed when I checked phpinfo. I'm using mod-php for a type.

Originally Posted by damir
What is the amount of traffic we are talking about here?

Have you started to monitor the system to see where is the bottleneck?

How many sites do you host and is is all in one server or multiserver install?
haven't got the traffic stats for the moment of the crash. It happened just after midnight, and that's when I compile the webalizer stats.

I'm currently on a single server, with only three active site. I'm using Ubuntu, and xen, with 1.5GB RAM. I'm going to double the RAM this week in hopes that might help. We have quite a few more sites to add.

As for bottlenecks, I watched top as it locked up (see page one of this thread). All I could see is a lot of apache threads running at the same time. The site that caused this is using Drupal 6 too.
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