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Default fail2ban on what :)

fail to ban on what
u have phpmyadm on every one of sites after /phpmyadmin
i tryed ot put a rule like this ...

docroot = /var/www
badadmin = PMA|phpmyadmin|myadmin|mysql|mysqladmin|sqladmin|m ypma|admin|xampp|m$

# Option: failregex
# Notes.: Regexp to match often probed and not available phpmyadmin paths.
# Values: TEXT
failregex = [[]client <HOST>[]] File does not exist: %(docroot)s/(?:%(badadmin)$

# Option: ignoreregex
# Notes.: regex to ignore. If this regex matches, the line is ignored.
# Values: TEXT
ignoreregex =

but nothin worked ...
any idea ?
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