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Originally Posted by SamTzu View Post
In the future it would be better to have the /var/www/clients folders that were not identical but rather have server specific paths.

ie. /var/www/server51/clients/client1/web2/web/etc

This would allow us to have easy way to virtualize the webcontent on multiple servers.
I prefer this:

/var/www/[client username]/domain.tld/subdomain/web

In that way www.domain.tld and test.domain.tld would be:

/var/www/[client username]/domain.tld/www/web
/var/www/[client username]/domain.tld/test/web

FTP for a client could point in the [client username] folder. That would also remove the /folder from website to make subdomain what I think is a stupid way to do it.
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