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Originally Posted by sjau View Post
just being curious:

wouldn't it be a lot simpler to relay all outoing email through your ISP?
Sure it would be so simple if only my ISP take their hosts from spamlists. The quick story is :

At June 2009 the ISP mail gateway was blocked beacause of massive spam send by some spam robots on their own computers just because they didn`t take care about their antivirus defence. I did a lot of calls to them and told them about that their hosts are on spamlists and asked them to do something with that. They just did nothing. My ISP left me on my own. So i decided to do something to be able to send e-mails from my servers because my clients was angry on ME not on the ISP company that left me alone with the problem. The worst is they are monopolyst and i cannot definitivly cut my company from this ISP. So my idea was to take another server that is far away from my ISP network and set the proxy email gateway to get rid of problem with ISP hosts that are on spamlists. My idea works as you see but with some troubles and I want to make it to work better than now.
And that`s the situation I am now.
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