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Smile Some questions about openSUSE/Webserver

Hey folks,

I've installed openSUSE and want to use it as a webserver. I've followed the great HOWTO for SUSE LAMP which helped me greatly! Apache, mysql and php all work now. If i place files in the htdocs folder i can access them fine with

But i have some questions (if there silly, im sory but im new to openSUSE/Apache.

1. How can i access the files from other computers in my home network?
if i type on my desktop i dont see nothing, what am i doing wrong?
2. If i want to host a website on this webserver (something limited like the profile i had to make for school) what else do i need to do?
3. during installation of all the programs and opensuse some packages failed to install, most often the hplib package. why is that? is it bad? and can i fix it? :P

Thanks for your help,

New happy opensuse user
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