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OK, but why not using something like Application::getApplication() - method that returns application object?

For (backward) comatibility you could use it as:
PHP Code:
public function foo()
$app Application::getApplication();

Same thing with "global $config" - global in methods seams less OOP for me. One have no idea what global $app/$config is and where to look for it. With Application::getApplication() - you can "RMB > Navigate to source" and get all the information needed.

You could also copy-paste Application class with DB class only and have all the functionality both of them provide. With global $app - one have no idea what to copy and how to call it (how to instantiate $app, where to do it, and so on..).

Oh, and FYI: I'm not dissing your work! Ispconfig saved me houndreds of hours of developing - I love it!

I'm asking about design decission - the above is in my opinion beter approach, but I might be wrong.

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