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Default sendmail 8.13.6 on FC2 server with SASL/STARTTLS


We installed sendmail 8.13.6, but authorization using a username and
password from Thunderbird is not working as before.

I don't have time to upgrade the server to FC4 or 5 right now. I'd just
like to configure sendmail 8.13.6 so that it worked as before.

The latest sendmail built for FC is 8.12.11, so I can't use that because
of the security problem.

The instructions with sendmail were used:
sh Build
sh Build -c -f `pwd`/devtools/Site/site.config.m4

to include STARTTLS, etc.

The previous configuration files ( from 8.12.11 were

The only thing I can think of is that the sendmail binary
produced is a dynamic library, whereas the one distributed
with FC2 is a shared executable. I've built sendmail shared, but it
fails with a segmentation fault.

Does anyone know the ENVDEFS that should be used to build
a shared binary for FC?

Thanks in advance. Any advice appreciated.

Anne Hammond
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