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Question Can I safely upgrade Etch to Lenny (ISPConfig2, Drupal, Multisite)? Want mod_gnutls.

I have multiple Drupal 5.6 sites running well under ISPConfig2 using this.

I want to make sure there are no known issues if I follow this.

Why? The ONLY reason I want to do this is so that I can try mod_gnutls to see if I can get Multisite SSL on a single IP working ... since it appears to be very promising using this.

1) Server Name Indication

2) SSL-enabled Name-based Apache Virtual Hosts with mod_gnutls

3) name-based virtual hosting with ssl

4) I don't want to have to do this (patching, recompiling, etc):
How To Enable Multiple HTTPS Sites For One IP On Debian Etch Using TLS Extensions

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, feedback, or suggestions. Sorry for any overkill, but I just want to make sure.
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