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Default Postfix relay problem - no system email

This is a bit of a nightmare, but here is the problem.

1. My emails where not being delivered to "hotmail" ... my hosting provider said that my block of IPs on my dedicated server were close to those of another customer that was banned because of spamming. Therefore I was issued a new block of IPs.

2. When the problem was discovered, support from hosting provider modified my postfix config (/etc/postfix/ to a relay host. Since then, I have not been able to send/receive system mail to any accounts in /var/spool/mail. Root's mailbox is empty.

3. I migrated the server to the new block of IPs, but that did not fix the problem.

4. I restored the old postfix config file (prior to all this - namely the relay host chaneg) and that does let postfix send and receive system mail, but sending outside of my server comes back due to relay errors - the bounces wind up in root's mailbox.

5. My hosting provider did something last night and I am again able to send and receive outside of the system, but now I again can't send and receive system messages.

Something is screwed up ... I don't know where. I suspect my hosting provider is not relaying correctly or there is a problem locally with postfix. Of note, I am also using courier-imap and squirrel mail. Right now, squirrelmail is working, but again ... as long as there are no bounces or system mails to deliver.

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