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Originally Posted by antonibede View Post
I am beginner to the scripting Lanuage.I do not know which tool I should use for the better and easy way to learn scripting.

Does any one have idea about this??
Originally Posted by falko View Post
Are you looking for an editor? For what language?
I read the original post as wanting to know what language to use. After seeing this post, I reread the original post, and it appears that I was mistaken... but I don't know for sure.

So, that said, if you're looking for an editor (the thing you use to write the script), I would recommend Bluefish or gedit. (On Ubuntu, I prefer the default installation of Bluefish better than that of gedit, but gedit becomes my preference once I finish personalizing the interfaces on both of them.) This applies primarily for my Perl coding.

However, if you were looking for scripting language recommendations, Perl would be a good one, since it is expandable, flexible, and uses syntax similar to other languages. If you have a specific purpose, though, there may be another language that suits your needs better than Perl would.
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