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Originally Posted by CodeChris View Post
Thank you for your reply...I am struggling to see where you think I am using names and he is using IP address's, however??
Oh I am sorry, I was reading his logs and got confused with the config file.

This must be something simple, like the secret as mentioned by Gary. or a missing semicolon etc...

The zones files confuse me cuz I am noob, earlier I was looking at our server trying to figure out a solution but there are few zone files with diff. variation of our domain name there and also may be some sym links to the same files??(not sure? I am not at work right now)...

anyway, This may be unrelated but I have had a lot of problems with Ubuntu 9x (Jaunty).
I believe 8.x was much better more stable and more config-able.
we still use feisty at work ,7.04 has been obsoleted for a while tho?
it seemed a lot more stable than 9.x

In any case I hope this gets solved soon, interested in the outcome (the solution really). please let us know...
Good Luck!
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