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Lightbulb missing feature: email-aliases for multiple domains


problem: a customer has 20 domains and want's all mails of all domains into one pop3-account. if i didn't miss anything the only solution for him so far would be:

create 20 system-users with 20 password and 20 directories, each with catchall and forwarding to that one account.

my proposal would be to allow email-aliases to be of any domain the customers owns, technically i would do it like this:
- the email-aliases aren't stripped of their domains after entering them (but it's checked that all domains belong to that customer to prevent him from getting other customers mails).
- the script creating the virtusertable doesn't append the default domain for that user if the alias already contains an @
- empty username is allowed ( postfix virtusertable treats e.g. "@test.te" as catchall for test.te

this will work easily for postfix, i don't know about other MTAs.

if there aren't good reasons against it or somebody has a better proposal i would code that.

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