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Default How to create email account.

Dear my friends...

I am still new in ISPConfig. I use OpenSuSE 11.1 and ISPConfig 2. I have problem in creating email account.
What I've done are:
1. 'ISP Manager' --> 'New Site' --> create the MYDOMAIN.COM;
2. 'MY DOMAIN' --> I filled the parameters:
2.1. Basis.
- Server: 'Server 1';
- Hostname: 'www';
- IP Address:;
- create DNS and Create DNS MX: checked.
2.2. User & Email:
- Real Name: Ricky Tompu Breaky;
- Email Address: ricky@MYDOMAIN.COM;
- Username: web1_ricky;
- Password: MYPASSWORD.
- click 'save'.
3. I installed Uebimiau to 'https://www.MYDOMAIN.COM:81/webmail' from Management-->Update manager-->Update-->and uploaded the '.pkg' file add-on for Uebimiau.

But I can not login from the webmail. The Uebimiau can be displayed properly but if I do login with:
- email: ricky@MYDOMAIN.COM;
- password: MYPASSWORD.
than come the error message:
You cannot login with the username and password entered.
Please check your username and password and try again.

Please tell me where my mistake.

Thank you very much.
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