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Default Multiserver set-up

Thank's for ISPConfig it's great.
but i have some trouble/question
1. DNS master / slave how can i setup?
2. awstats how can i setup?
3. i try to make 2 servers and on diferent location diferent IP ...,and i follow your instruction to install on centos 5.3 i386 on ns1 and 5.3_x86 on ns2. i think is not a problem is a 32 or 64 bit.
the first server work's fine, but when i install the second(ns2) ispconfig i receive an error to connect the master server:
MYSQL couldn't connect to master server.
i setup mysql server = localhost on ns1, it's good or must to set the mysql server name?
finally i wondering if i could setup 2 servers with all service (dns,web,mysql,mail,ftp,quota and stats) to work togheter. if ns1 gones down work ns2 and vice versa. and all mail and all changes of database to replicate between servers in real time.
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