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Originally Posted by till View Post
Remove the co-domain and then add a new website (not co-domain) instead to get a independant site.
Till, thanks. Still no luck.

o I removed the "domain.tld" co-domain (no hostname; which was auto-created by ISPConfig when setting up "www.domain.tld").

o I already had the new website ("pictures.domain.tld") created in ISPConfig (without the co-domain as well).

pictures.domain.tld keeps sending me to www.domain.tld
(both are Drupal sites using the HowToForge setup on the same IP; other independent sites already functioning successfully on the same server). Does the "mkdir /www/web1/web/sites/multiexample.tld" thing factor in at all? Since that was already created for "www.domain.tld" and can't be done for "pictures.domain.tld"?

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