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Question How to create another host in already existing domain (not blank)?

Hello, using the "Drupal 5.6 with ISPConfig on Debian Etch" from this site (all versions are as indicated in that HowTo).

Works great; various sites using it already.

How can I create a 2nd, independent host in the same domain?


1) The problem is that when you go through the ISPConfig process, it creates a "co-domain" to "domain.tld" for the first one ("www.domain.tld"). The 2nd site ("pictures.domain.tld") then seems to just forward visitors to "www.domain.tld"

2) Also, (I know this is Drupal specific BUT it is based on the same HowToForge multisite setup using ISPConfig, so tell me if I have to make another post in a separate forum), in the HowToForge directions to setup the "Multisite Installation" Section 10.1, it has you create a directory name "domain.tld" (no hostname).
mkdir /www/web1/web/sites/multiexample.tld
So now both sites seem to also share the settings.php, etc. Which is NOT what I want.

In short, in this case, I would like both sites to be completely independent websites, though they exist in the same "domain.tld"

Thank you in advance for any guidance and let me know if that explanation should be clarified further.
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