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Default I don't know if this goes here-but it is "fake"

Fake Raid? LVM in SuSe 10 64-bit on LP UT nf3 UD
2-WD 75GB on SATA 1-2
Do not enable raid in bios-Grub no LiLo
setup 3 partitions on each drive, mirror
sda1 native 1-13 boot ext2
sda2 swap 14-275 swap
sda3 LVM 276-9728
sdb1 native 1-13 boot ext2
sdb2 swap 14-275 swap
sdb3 LVM 276-9728
system 144GB LVM2 2-stripe 64k
system/root/LV xfs

YAST does most of the work in expert mode
You can add drives, backup, and boot with rescue media.
Some of this is covered here some here some here
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