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Default Ubuntu 9.04 (Intrepid) JeOS with LVM Hangs on Boot, Checking Quotas...

I have been trying to get a KVM server with Ubuntu 9.04 JeOS going and I followed the how to here and it all went smoothly. I set up my installation using LVM and then went to use quotas with ISPConfig and when I reboot my JeOS install now it just sits on "Checking Quotas..." with the host OS pegged at 100% cpu. When I first set up quotas it threw a warning, but went through with the initialization so I thought it all went fine. Other people had the same message and it looked like they were not affected. Any thoughts as to why this is hanging up and how to resolve it? I would really like to use LVM for my virtual machine because of HDD I/O with ISPConfig. Thanks.
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