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Talking Start Using ispconfig.

Originally Posted by bamse View Post
Hello everybody,

If any of you consider my post trivially simple please ignore it but I would like some help. I have just installed Isp Config 3 on Ubuntu without any problem and everything is working great. My plan is to put a website and mail for a small company on the web. I want to use Isp because I plan to put up some more sites in the future.

I bought the domain and set up the domainserver on the domain administration interface. Now I am stuck. I don't know where to start to set up the DNS, the domain, the zones.

I wasn't able to find any documentation on how to do this in Isp Config 3. An classic how to would be great but I wasn't able to find one. If anyone has the time to give me some starting points, maybe some directions it would be great. Maybe there is anothere thread that can help me with this.

Considering there is more documentation for Isp Config 2, do you thing I should try this one first?

Thank you.
I think you shoud read how a Dns System work and how a website work (in general).
You just need to create a website and a Dns Wizard to ispconfig start working. Is very easy.
But you will need to redirect and register dns servers outside ispconfig to make this work. (on godaddy for example.)
To many variables to give you a direct way.
The second part is install ispconfig 100%, and you have to know linux well.
Somewone can correct me if im wrong, thats my way to do this kind of work.

You can also try other Free Panels like DTC or ispomega to learn, in my opinion this is the most dificult to start, but the most stable to use.
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