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Default postfix administration- using php to handle linux commands

firstly i'm not sure if this is the right place to put my question into, if not so can you help me move it to another box? thanks!

alright, i've just finished setting up my postfix email server on Debian with a HOWTO guide and now i'm going to create my own postfix administration application (web-based) using php

with the main purpose of managing domains and users, which are stored in mySql database, some useful web pages are expected to be created using php-- well, pushing and pulling data with php-mysql shouldn't be difficult tasks.

the problem is, however, when i create a new email account, in order to initialise the new maildir, i need to use some linux commands (mail, or telnet port 25) to send them a sort of welcome email, or used when we want to send broadcast message to all email accounts. my question is, how to use php to handle such these linux commands. i know php, i know some linux shell but i don't know how to use the former to control the latter

thanks in advance!

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