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Originally Posted by till
There must be some errors in the output while php is compiled. Please post these errors here.
No errors while making, make finishes cleanly and after install also finishes cleanly those errors appear.

Originally Posted by till
The install_ispconfig direcorie must be deleted. If you run the setup twice without deleting the directory, it will fail!
Yes, i did that, however i found what was happening.
I created a /root/ispconfig directory and copied the tarball there. Then, i unpacked the tarball (so a /root/ispconfig/install_ispconfig directory was created with the installation files inside) and then ran setup. However, ispconfig installation assumes a /root/ispconfig directory where to install everything, so the script failed as it didn't check if that directory already existed prior to installation.
I used a /root/ispc directory instead, and then everytning went fine and working ok!

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