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Originally Posted by till View Post
Remove the email domain and mailbox in the mail manager. You can not have a email domain configured on the local server when you use a remote server.
Sorry it has taken so long to respond to this but your suggested fix was not going to work on our system. I have spent a lot of time trying many different strategies. To bring closure to anybody with a similar problem, here is what I did.

Firstly some explanatation; our mail is still handled by the ISP because I haven't been able to get the amavis working properly and we receive upwards of 400 spams a day. Now that this problem is fixed I'll concentrate on that next! We do, however require a SMTP server that allows remote relay which the ISP does not provide.

So we have the MX record which points "mail@domain" to the ISP. There is also "mail@domain" on "host.domain". This does not seem to be a problem. The SMTP server works fine and the MailForm output goes to the "mail@domain" box on "host.domain". The problem has been getting these emails delivered and then downloaded. Initially I was trying to get the mail delivered to the ISP. I could only do this by setting up a mail forwarding rule. Disabling the POP box and unchecking "Enable Receiving" did not work. Unfortunately, the ISP's spamassassin gives the MailForm output a very high spam score. So mail forwarding is a non starter as we would have to lower the spam delete threshold. The ISP's system does not have a whitelist so the only way of seeing the forwarded email is to download all the spam!

Eventually I came up with a new strategy. Leave the MailForm emails in host's mailbox and set up a new email account on the clients to download them. Simple but it took me a week to get there!

It has only taken 2 years to get this working, I tried many scripts, Sendmail, Postfix and Perfect Server non of these would deliver the emails, it was Till's suggestion to use "postfix upgrade-configuration" that made it all work.

Thanks Till, hope you can get the amavis going for me, next.
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