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Default How to setup the plugin change password of Roundcube with ISPConfig3

Hi to everybody,
I'm trying to add the plugin of Rooundcube 0.3 that allow to the customer to change the password.
Basically with this plugin the customer have to write the old password and the new password.
I changed the database, but I don't know the encryption that ISPConfig is using for the password.
Finding on the forum, I discover that ISPConfig is using a crypt md5 encryption with salt, and the salt is a random 8 character value.

So first of all I'll cancel the part concerning the "old password", so I simplify the configuration.

Analizing the passwords, I noticed that the first 3 characters are always the same ($1$)

Finding on internet I found this tutorial for Squirremail:

Trying this command in mysql:
SELECT SUBSTRING(PASSWORD, 4, 8) FROM mail_user WHERE email = "my@email";
I'll have the next 8 characters of the password.

After that the next chatacter will be $.

How can I find the encryption for the other 22 characters?

Thanks a lot

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