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Originally Posted by till View Post
Ok, but if thats a slave, then you can not run a interface there and you can not get this error message on the slave. Are you really sure that this error message was not shown on the master thats runs the interface?
Probably the interface is there because I first installed ISPConfig3 in normal mode, then I deleted the ispconfig database and reinstalled all in expert mode in order to let it work as slave.
Should I remove everything and reinstall everything from scratch?
Should I just remove the admin interface application on slave? How can I do that?

Originally Posted by till View Post
Thats most likely not related. Its just a mysql permission problem. Make sure that the master and slave are able to resolve the hostnames of each other e.g. by adding them in bost /tc/hosts files. otherwise the mysql authentication will fail and no data gets replicated.
Ok, I fixed that: the slave created on the master a database user with access permission on the wrong IP address. The cause is likely to be that on the slave I have more than one IP address on the same interface.
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