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Because none of my beta testers really wrote some feedback back. I decided to make it an open beta!

This is version is just for testing purposes! No Warranty!
ONLY FOR ROUNCUBE 0.3 or above

1.) Upgrade your system from the SVN.
2.) Create a remote user in the ISPConfig panel.
3.) Go to your phpmyadmin and into the ISPConfig database
4.) Go to the table remote_user and edit the user you just created.
5.) Edit the remote_functions to the following:

mail_user_get,mail_user_update,mail_alias_get,mail _forward_get,mail_forward_add,mail_forward_update, mail_spamfilter_user_get,mail_spamfilter_user_add, mail_spamfilter_user_update

6.) Copy the plugins to your Roundcube plugin folder
7.) Enable the plugins in the Roundcube config file

CAUTION: The account plugin is required for all other plugins.

8.) Test, Write your feedback and enjoy^^

PS: You are welcome to translate them.

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Instructions and download are found here:
web wack creations - We create your custom web application
Mailuser interface for ISPConfig 3

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