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Default Ftp, server offline, and smtp offline too


Ok. If this is the issue "Apache is listening only on server1hostname, but not on all interfaces" so how can I make the Apache cover all interfaces? What should I configure? I can access the ISPConfig control panel outside my LAN network but howcome the webserver is offline? I have a live website already in the server located in the default var/www/html, I am confused why the Apache is not covering all interfaces?

Now, my SMTP went offline too. I noticed that postfix was installed I cannot set up a quota for it. My server has fedora 8 and I didn't see any good support or guideline on installing ISPConfig 3. Do you know what needs to be configured properly too?

As for FTP, what do you mean by passive and active connection? I tried connecting on shell terminal and there's no connection. I tried doing and it won't work. I used W-FTP, dreamweaver ftp, frontpage ftp, and still I cannot get any connection. Any further help for this?

As for the webmail using squirrel, last time the problem was only receiving my email from the outside. Now, I cannot received and send emails. My emails stayed in the sent box. Do you mind giving some detailed instructions on how to configure this? Dovecot is working fine.

I hope you don't mind giving me all the support I need for ISPConfig 3 so to make it work.

thank you very much! I appreciate your great patience with me.

I checked if my server is blacklisted, it's not on the list either.
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