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I tested this version on ISPConfig 2.2.33 and it works as expected... very well

In web configuration is necessary to set NONE in options => webalizer statistics.

I have a lot of webs and I don't want to allow users to change this options so in file:


I comented out:

  ////////////// Web Statistics ////////////////////
  $stats_alias = "";

   if($web["webalizer_stats"] == 2){
     $stats_alias = "Alias /stats \"".$document_root."/awstats\"";
   } elseif ($web["webalizer_stats"] == 1) {
     $stats_alias = "Alias /stats \"".$document_root."/webalizer\"";
If this section is commented out than is not necessary to set options => webalizer statistics. After edit config.lib.php don't forget to reload vhost file for example by changing and saving some web option.

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