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Question Adds on for ISPConfig 3

Ok. I configured the port to make it accessible to the public and now it can be accessed. But are there some available add ons for IPSConfig 3?

Also, I have encountered the following major errors:

1. The webserver is shown as offline -- I can access it outside my network.
2. FTP gives me a 530 error login.
3. When I installed ISPConfig, I followed the guidelines for Centos for my Fedora server and so the default page of Apache gave me the Centos index.html. Is this the cause of FTP error and webserver offline?

I hope you don't mind me adding some more questions though but I am trying to post all these at one time.

a. Where can I find the default index.html? When I type the FQDN of the website I added, it gave me the default webpage of Apache or ISPConfig control panel.
b. How can I change the theme? Or are there some additional themes for the administrator, reseller or user that I can install?
c. I downloaded the latest clamAv because I am getting a warning that the clamAv is outdated. How could I configure the latest clamAv that I just installed in my server so to make the update?

Thank you for your great patience with me.

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