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Question remote framework - is it customer or admin side?

Hi all,
I explain subject of this thread as soon as possible.

My web site is hosted on a platform with ISPConfig + remote framework.

I am planning to develop a plugin for my site to integrate some informations inside my web pages. I asked to my web admin for creating a remote user and set some grants on it.

When my web admin creates my remote user, he uses a different username and sets different grants.
My remote user is totally free from my web user. So my grants are totally different.

With my web user I am able to get only my web site informations (obviously). On the other hand with remote user I am able to get informations about the whole basket of customers of my hosting.

So, this is the reason of my title-question?

Is the remote framework so useful for customer? How can an admin offer a service based on the remote framework to his customer if there is no kind of unique corrispondence from web user and remote user and grants on actions?

Is there a way to create an unique link from web_user grants to remote_user grants?

I know, maybe is not so clear for me the remote framework's role and his intentions.

I hope my questions are clear.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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