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Default ISP Config3 Reseller and Client problems


Im new to ISP Config, I installed and wasnt able to add Cutoms Rules or change to my language, so I upgraded to the most recent one, it qorks like a charm on my CentOS installation, after the upgrade I managed to add the Custom Rules and change the language.

The thing is, when I did the upgrade I only made a .sql backup of the "mail_" tables, restored then nicely and the accounts are working, but now when logged in as a client i cannot check the "Use Antispam" in mailboxes, tried as Admin, goes fine, so I thought that it could be a Client restriction, decided to change clinte to Reseller, well when trying to edit the limits of the reseller it gives me this message:

Unknown column 'limit_cron' in 'field list'

Well, could not find any tables with "limit_cron" in it, can anyone help me?

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