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Originally Posted by jeeva View Post

Using ISPconfig3 + debian5 preconfigured-preinstalled distro from

I've created a user, e.g. user1
then I've created a website for user1, e.g.
created a shell for user1 with no jail.
setup the DNS, etc.

So when I go to, i get

Welcome to your website!
This is the default index page of your website.

This file may be deleted or overwritten without any difficulty. This is produced by the file index.html in the web directory.

For questions or problems please contact support.
Powered by ISPConfig
When I FTP or SSH into user1. I get my directory list of /web /home /cgi-bin /etc /ssl /tmp /var, etc

cd web
/web$ rm -rf *
now /web is blank
I upload my website to /web, which is ofcourse full of files now including a new index.html & index.php.

when i go to, I still get the "Welcome to your website - ISPconfig", eventhough I've replaced the files.

What have I done wrong?

I am having this very same problem but on a second machine that I have just recently configured using the Perfect Server guide for OpenSuse 11.1

In addition, the new files created on either websites are "Not Found" and giving me a 404 error but the default ISPConfig3 page "Welcome to your website!" is loaded on all websites via a browser. Even after deleting the index.html file originally created with a new domain the page is still loading.

I have added the server IP and selected them for each account with so resolution of the problem. As I said, I have another box running the exact same Linux OS and version of ISPConfig 3 with the original box running perfectly.

Could someone help me with this? Thanks!

ISPConfig 3
openSUSE Linux 11.3
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