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Default fedora 11 solution

I figured I would post since the question was specifically for Fedora 11, and being a new user of both linux and fedora 11, I wanted to post my solution

Following what shiwebs did..

in install.lib.php I hit 'ctrl-f' to find Redhat and found the previous 2 installations of Fedora listed. After digging through I think this info is correct, so just copy and paste it in after the Fedora release 10 junk and it will work

if(stristr($content,'Fedora release 11 (Leonidas)')) {
$distname = 'Fedora';
$distver = '11';
$distid = 'fedora9';
$distbaseid = 'fedora';
swriteln("Operating System: Fedora 11 or compatible\n");
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