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i solved the "email system mail" issue by looking at the postfix man page.

But stil does not get email when virus scan remove attachment.

Here is what tail -f /var/log/mail.log says

dccproc[25943]: no working DCC servers ... at
Oct 2 16:44:19 Apie amavis[3070]: (03070-13) Blocked BANNED (application/x-msdownload,.exe,.exe-ms,winbox.exe), LOCAL [] [] <> -> <>, quarantine: U/banned-UttzzRvUsvCz, Message-ID: <007e01ca436e$b291bec0$045513ac@toyotaemile>, mail_id: UttzzRvUsvCz, Hits: 2.456, size: 52896, 12983 ms

How can i send that email is to be send to sender that informs him that email was remved or to reciever.

thank you
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