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Just a little more explination

The server1 has 2 nic's

It is sitting behind router2 which is plugged into router1 which is connected to a thrid internet router with 5 ip's

Internet router IP x.x.x.25 (LAN SIDE)
Router1 - WAN x.x.x.27 & LAN
Router2 - WAN & LAN

I want to migrate to ISPConfig3 on a VM on the server1
I want to setup eth1 with IP x.x.x.26 so that it's internet facing and then I can slowly change DNS to point to the new IP as I mirgate the domains and sites.

Another options is to use apache and somehow mail routing. but this I don't know how to do either.
The VM ca use eth0 or eth1 for traffic. so which ever is easier as this is temp till the migration is complete.

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