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I spent the whole day on this and got a tcpdump. Not sure what to make out of it, could it be the router?

erver postfix/smtpd[19590]: connect from[]
server postfix/smtpd[19590]: B98BC4FC807C:[]
server postfix/smtpd[19590]: lost connection after DATA from[]
server postfix/smtpd[19590]: disconnect from[]

Here is a bit more from tcpdump SMTP Response: 220 privacy ESMTP Postfix TCP 34401 > smtp [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=38 Win=5840 Len=0 TSV=3555347476 TSER=1807209853 SMTP Command: EHLO TCP smtp > 34401 [ACK] Seq=38 Ack=18 Win=5888 Len=0 TSV=1807210217 TSER=3555347476 SMTP Response: 250-privacy SMTP Command: MAIL FROM: <> SIZE=576126 SMTP Response: 250 2.1.0 Ok TCP [TCP Previous segment lost] 34401 > smtp [ACK] Seq=3000 Ack=313 Win=6432 Len=0 TSV=3555347651 TSER=1807211599 SLE=248 SRE=313
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