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Default Spamassassin (with amavis, virtual users) on Ubuntu

New here at HowtoForge.
I'm in love with the tutorials and want to say thanks so much to the community. I wouldn't understand as much as I do without you guys.

I've followed this guide and I had a question about whitelisting domains with spamassassin.

With this configuration, will spamassassin still poll the cf files (like for configuration definitions?
I used to run a box without amavisd, and I'm not quite familiar with how it invokes spamd. Could someone explain this or link to an article? If I can't whitelist from, where would I whitelist?

After writing this, I realized I could probably whitelist from amavisd .. Would a whitelist from amavisd stop it from piping mail to spamasssin, and just deliver?

Thanks guys!
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