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Default Different problem

MySQL is not working properly in ISPConfig for me!

I cannot enable any databases for a site or client! So, if I go to
ISP Manager --> <a site> --> Basis

I cannot even see the option MySQL option.

When I create a new site, I can see that option, but when I create the site I get:

You cannot assign MySQL databases to this website.

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Why is that? Am I missing something or why would it not work? Does installing PHPMyAdmin like described elsewhere in the forum solve the problem?

Also, the SSH login does not work from within ISPConfig. Is that because I'm running my sshd on a different port? Can I still run sshd on a different port, because of security? Also, here I have the same. When I create a new site I can see the option but not when I edit a site.

You cannot assign shell access to this website.

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