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Default ok .... got it and this will affect all users of a chrooted named

well, this was one of those know the ones you think you come away smater, but you are not sure. cannot use the webform to change that place were the dns stores the name files. Not sure why, but I had to edit it in the "isp_server" table.

Then after I changes one of the soa values in a record the files were generated...butttttttt named will not start the /etc/named.conf has absolute path variables in it and named is jailed ina chroot.

to make that work I did this

from the /root/ispconfig
find . -exec grep "/var/named" {} \; -print
directory "/var/named";

I edited that file (removeing the {BINDDIR} variable to

options {
pid-file "/var/run/named/";
directory "/var/named";
auth-nxdomain no;

and now I got named working

THe earlier issues with symbolic links are becuase webilizer ran and reduces logs for the domains I had on their just before I installed the software.

ALSO...those links are NOT being made relative by the program. It is probably not an issue for most people.

As I have given help...I sure could use a little tutoria on how to read/traverse these "tree" tables. They look really cool and I would like to see if they might be usefull in another effort.

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