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By far the easiest backup solutions are in this order...

1) Proxmox virtualisation and snapshot backup with webcontrol panel.
- VPS restoration can be done with one command on the host server
* vzdump --restore vzdump-132.tgz 132
- You can create as many backup schedules of VPS's as you want.
(Something like nightly backup's with weekend backups on different folders. NOTICE!!! You have to manually create the backup folders first.
mkdir /backup /backup/daily /backup/weekly /backup/monthly
etc.) Version 1.4 will support Storage options like iscsi.

2) Webmin's backup.
- Not really that efficient but easy webcontrol panel and no need for command line at all.
- REALLY EASY MySQL backup!!! Just backup all databases.

3) BackupPC
- Really good product for those who do not fear command line work.

Personally I have found it good to use all of these options combined.
Proxmox for 'Ghost' like total Virtual Private Server (VPS) images.
Webmin for easy MySQL backups inside the VPS.
And BackuPC for the rest. (I have excluded /backup folder backups on the hosts. Otherwise the amount of data would just be too BIG. )
All of these give me quite easy backup/restoration options on both file and server levels.

Sami Mattila


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